A Rose For Emily Grierson Death Analysis

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The story of" A Rose for Emily " may make you think that its just about the death of Emily Grierson when you first read it because at the beginning of the story it talks about Emily funeral and how the whole town went to her funeral ,men respect her and the women mostly wanted to see the inside of her house.Faulkner goes on talks about how Miss Emily house was once decorated and now its an eyesore. Faulkner goes on and talks about several conflicts of Miss Emily Grierson, for example when Emily father died some of the ladies from town came to her house to offer condolence and Emily had told them that her father was not dead.For three days the minister called and the doctors were trying to persuade her to let them dispose of the body,Emily finally broke down and they buried her father quickly .After her father's death Emily would go out very little and the townspeople would hardly ever see her.Emily had a hard time coping with change. For example Emily refused to let the town fasten the metal numbers above her door and attach a mailbox to her door so that she could have free…show more content…
Judge Stevens did not know what to do at first,but at first they thought maybe the smell was just a snake or a rat that was killed in her yard.The next couple of days Judge Stevens kept getting complaints about the smell coming from Emily home so he decided he must do something about the smell. The Board of Aldermen had met with Judge Stevens to decide want to do about the smell .At first they wanted to send word to Emily asking her to clean her home and give her a certain time but Judge Stevens decided not to because he did not want to bother her. The Board of Alderman had decided to send four men to Miss Emily home and the men snuck around her home at midnight ,broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime and in all the outbuildings .In about one to two

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