Descriptive Essay About I Am Blind

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Blind Sitting at the kitchen table the rain patters down on the windowsill, it slides along the panes slowly marking its trail.The water glistens in the October sun and sparkles all over the glass. I stare down at the exquisite lines carved into the oak table, each unique yet never changing. Tracing each of them they flow through my fingers and up along my hand. Everything is so calm now, I’m not sure how long it will last. At the age of three years old everyone I meet says I am like an eleven-year- old, what is that supposed to mean? I have a thick bush of chocolate hair that reaches down to my shoulders. My eyes are elegant brown massive spheres of beauty.Framing my eyes are glass rectangles edged with green metal. My eyes are what makes me myself, someone…show more content…
I am a soldier fighting blindfolded. Or a doctor operating with their eyes shut. I am blind. My eyes fight the pain and on the inside they are screaming yet on the outside I struggle to say a word. Oblivious to my surroundings I can only hear shouting and the sweeping of glass. I have been covered with a cloak of ebony black pain. My family talks to me but I feel off balance, like a huge chunk of me is missing. All I can think of how dramatically my life fell in those few seconds. Followed by the milliseconds in which it broke apart I think about the last sights I had. The last things will have ever seen. The winding trails of the wood on our table. Around me everyone is crying, my parents, my sisters and even the clouds are raining tears for me. I am never going to be the same person I was. Next to me my mother sobs whilst muttering “so young” over again . On my other side my father whispers to himself “she’ll be fine” whilst trying to keep strong. I feel my sister’s arms around me and imagine her looking down at me smiling. “Are you ok?” she asks, her voice warm as well as steady steady. I can feel the hint of worry in her voice as she tries to fight

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