Is Redemption Possible In Pete Rose's Redemption Possible?

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Do you think redemption is possible? Many people argue over this topic and whether it is true or not. Depending upon the severity of what happened, redemption might be possible; but not for all. Pete rose has been banned from baseball and the hall of fame for the rest of his life: for gambling. Should he really be that harshly punished for just gambling? I mean millions of other people across the country do it, so should they also be punished? On the other hand, a man named Mr.Mickens set up his own personal business to help the elderly after 35-yes 35-years in prison for being a drug lord. He was fined in the millions. Is what Mickens or Rose did redeemable or has it already made an impression on them. Redemption is definitely possible: only…show more content…
It makes an impression on the person on the rest of his/her life because they will be known for doing that one bad thing. The person’s face is an instant reminder of what they did, and makes everyone have their own opinions on what he/she did. For example, Pete Rose, the all-time leader in hits, gambled on his own team. It is considered to be one of the worst things to do in any sport, “It is the sport’s greatest sin. Rose violated it, and will continue to pay the price” says Bob Nightengale, a writer in USA Today Sports. Rose on the other hand states that “ I’m not whining. I was the one who screwed up.” Many people think this is just a way to make people feel sympathy towards the person to try and make him seem as if he knows what he did wrong and since he noted this, should be acquitted from his prior sins. But people who think redemption isn't possible don't believe this, and he/she will always be remembered for it; no matter how nice or convincing he/she is…show more content…
Take Mr.Mickens for example. He is the owner of his own successful company that instructs the elderly on how to exercise. Many of his patients say that he is one of the nicest and caring people they have ever met. What they don't know is that Mickens used to be a drug lord in the area and was in federal prison for 35 years. How can one be so successful when he did something so bad? This is what people argue on. The way Mickens redeemed himself was by changing himself for the better. He got out of prison, changed his life for the better by staying off the streets and stop doing illegal business, and created his own thriving company that he is the CEO of. He changes other people's lives for the better by helping them become healthier, stronger and more confident people. Someone else who redeemed himself was Jean-Louis Chavel. He is the main character in the novel, The Tenth Man. In this book, he was a prisoner who is about to get his life cut short when executions were about to take place. Out of pity and cowardliness, he convinced a man to take his spot in exchange for his entire belongings. Chavel survives and goes back to his house where the man’s family is staying. He vows to himself to keep them safe. Later in the story, he gets shot and killed when trying to diligently save a girl. He writes his last will to that girl stating all of

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