12eleven: Faith Community Analysis

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There are many good qualities that 12Eleven brings to Faith Community Church, it provides a place where the youth can come as they are and feel welcomed and accepted. 12Eleven consists of one main auditorium and one large game room. In these two areas students can be free to hangout with other students before and after service and they can spend time with the leaders if needed. Since Faith Community is considered a mega church, the staff of 12Eleven has really worked in creating an effective ministry that would grab the attention of students and motivate them to continuously attend and bring others along with them. There are about a total of 50 active leaders that volunteer each week however, a lot of these volunteers work for other parts of the church, so it can be difficult at times to have a core group of…show more content…
There is always an opportunity to serve, people take ownership with their walk with Christ. 12Eleven provides a place where small groups are effective by building an environment where people can feel known, their struggles and issues are known but overall there is friendships that are built. This ministry realizes that church is not built on a person rather it is built on Jesus. With strengths also come challenges, beings a large church there are various challenges that are faced. For instance, in a self-driven culture that believes in independence this ministry strives to show God in this culture, however, parental involvement is a huge challenge. There is a large number of students whose parents don’t attend Faith Community that causes a lack of sharing Jesus outside of church. This ministry gets the opportunity to spend time with students for a couple hours a week and these students return home where some are faced with tons of challenges and broken homes. The staff focuses on equipping these students to feel awesome and secure amongst these challenges in their personal

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