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Before reading my response is it but to understand some key topics. Organizational Culture is its practices, beliefs, and values that may be created by management, but its strength depends on how well the employees embrace it. A company’s culture is in part a way to help others (inside and outside the organization) understand the company’s values. The stronger the organization’s culture, the more it influences employees. One of the places that I would like to work for that was listed on Fortune’s Magazine as ‘Fortune’s 100 Best Company’s is Wegmans Food Markets. Since this is a family-owned line the corporate culture and the organization's culture would have the same goals and outcome. This organization really seems inviting since they offer many benefits to both their hourly and salary…show more content…
They offer jobs to a wide diversity of people such as minorities, Hispanic. African-American and Asian. Some of their benefits include multiple paid time off days to their employees for- Holidays, Vacation and Sick Days. The average base pay for hourly employees $33,049.00. The average base pay for salary employees is $62,802.00. This pay is pretty amazing considering it is a private family-owned company. This culture is appealing to me because they seem to be treating their employees with deep respect. I used to work at a grocery store in my area and it is not common to see managers treat the employees with such repsect and treat them like they are essential to the company. Wegmans Market, on the other hand, knows that their employees are essential to the success of the company and they show they value their employees by their actions. Wegmans Food market also carries a variety of organic food products that are not only not sold in other stores but they are also sold at a reasonable price. This is really touching to me because I am always trying to feed

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