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Pontiac Rebellion Natalie Full Mr. Tucker American History 2A October 5, 2015 The Pontiac Rebellion was named after the prominent leader Chief Pontiac. The Pontiac Rebellion started because the Native Americans were going to war with the British. The war was in the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley between the years of 1763 and 1764. The Indians were desperately trying to keep the American colonists from taking over there land (Preston). Pontiac was an Ottawa Chief who tried to unite some different tribe to keep up Indian control in the Great Lake area, Ohio and also the Mississippi valleys. The tribe was known for its great warriors and hunters. Pontiac was a priest of Mildewiwin, or Grand Medicine. Delaware Prophet said that…show more content…
When the French and Indian war ended that gave the British a treaty to control over territory across the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River. From that the British offered less favorable trade terms to the Indians. A commander, Jeffery Amherst, limited on some goods like; gunpowder and ammunition that Indians needed for hunting (Gilman). The Indians hatred grew. Some of the Indian warriors were influenced by an Indian spiritual leader known as the Delaware Prophet. He encouraged the Indians to go back to doing their normal ways and push the British off all of their land. While they were doing that the American colonists were moving people on to lands west of the mountain. British government wanted to decrease tensions between the Indians and colonists. By this the British government discourage settle meant beyond the mountains (Gilman). In May of 1763 the war between the Indians and the British started. Pontiac started to lead his warriors to Michigan. Everyone found out quickly that he was doing this. He sent some of his warriors to encourage other tribes to help them attack the British. The Indians captured British forts in a sweep across the western American frontier from the New York to Virginia. Some of the tribes were; Delaware, Miami, Ojibwa, Potawatomi, Seneca, Shawnee and Wyandot. When July came around the Indians have captured eight of the British…show more content…
Since the Indians and British weren’t trading as much anymore the Indians started to get low on supplies and ammunition. Their struggle at beating the British was getting harder and harder. King George III delivered a proclamation excluding colonists from settling on Indian hunting lands west of the Appalachians. Hundreds of Pioneer families were killed. Hostilities continued to boil for years, but the rebellion was crushed within a matter of months. Not by the Americans but by the British redcoat soldiers (Preston). The agents of the British debated with a number of the Indian leaders to stay neutral or to persuade warriors to support the British. On July 31, a British help campaign assaulted Pontiac's camp however endured substantial misfortunes and were repulsed in the Battle of Bloody Run. In any case, they had succeeded in giving the post at Detroit with supplies, which permitted it to hold out against the Indians into the fall. The significant fortresses at Pitt and Niagara similarly hung tight, however the united tribes caught eight other reinforce posts. Nearby frontier settlements were destroyed

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