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If you have never taught a child to make brownies you may want to leave that idea in the package! One cold, and windy fall day my mother got the bright idea that she would buy a package of brownie mix and I would teach my mean, red-headed little sister how to make brownies. It was a cold, and windy November day during Thanksgiving break. That evening after eating my five star dinner, my mother went to town to get something to make as a dessert. I tagged along with her to our local grocery store, JJ’s Market. When we got to Mrs. June’s store we looked around for something delicious to make. After searching the first aisle I went to to the second and sure enough, there were brownies on the third shelf. Well, after we checked, we went back to our house. When we got there, my mom told…show more content…
I ran all the way to her room and yelled at her to get up! After washing our hands and getting a big bowl out of the cabinet I looked at the box of Duncan Hines chewy fudge brownies for the ingredients so I could have my sister go ahead and get them ready to be mixed together. The brownies called for two eggs, one fourth cup water, and one half cup vegetable oil. She reached in the refrigerator to get out the two eggs and dropped the egg carton and three eggs splattered on the floor. I hollered for my mom, who was sitting in the living room, to ask her if she would mop it up for me. Then, I had Kammie crack the two eggs and put them a bowl and mix them up until the yolk and white was all combined. After she accomplished that she poured the eggs into the big pink bowl. Next, I had her fetch the measuring cup and fill it up with ¼ cup water and pour that onto the brownie mix. After that, she got

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