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Zion National Park “Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their cravings.” Zion National Park was designated in 1919. It is the oldest national park in Utah and the most heavily used park in Utah. This park has a lot of educational history since it was the first national park in that state. It is a very family friendly national park and it is very reasonable in distance and expenses. Zion National Park is the oldest national park in Utah, designated in 1919. “Designated in 1919, Zion is Utah’s oldest national park. The park is known for its incredible canyons and spectacular views. With nearly three million visitors per year, Zion is Utah’s most heavily used park. Most park facilities are located in the Zion Canyon area, and it attracts the most visitors” (“Winter Pollution”). With the national park being the oldest in its state, it has a lot of background history and experience in being the first park. All the experience has allowed the park to stay up to date with vacation favorites. Also, the older the site the more there is to explore and learn. Zion National Park would be the most educational park for our family to have fun and gain information about national parks…show more content…
Zion National Park events include Earth Day Festival, Springdale Community Center, Spring Festival, Live Entertainment, Zion Music Festival, and Zion National Park Plein Air Art Invitational. (“Welcome to Zion National Park…”). The park makes sure to provide entertainment for their guests to enjoy. It’s a great way to spend time with the family while having fun and experiencing other parts of the park. The park doesn’t just have historical settings, but it also occasionally has entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. It also values the environment because it has a whole festival designated to Earth Day. This also shows that it’s sites and activities are environmentally

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