Zinn And Foner's Interpretation Of The Gilded Age

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Zinn and Foner had different interpretation of the Gilded Age. On one hand, Zinn’s talks about the robber barons and rebels, and industrialization. On the other hand, Foner talks about freedom, and labor. Even though Zinn and Foner had interpretation, they about had great views of the Gilded Age. Zinn encountered in the leaden prose of academic history. Zinn wrote a book called “A People’s History of the United States,” which he explain about the Gilded Age. When Zinn’s write about the Gilded Age, he let “The People” speak for themselves. “The Gilded Age as seen by southern farmers, the First World War as seen by socialists”. Zinn’s also talks about the Robber Baron also known as “captains of industry”. These included people such as, J.P.

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