Write A Persuasive Essay About Airplanes

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Imagine an airplane flying over your head and all of a sudden you are hit by a wad of cash and a ton of candy bars. This is how the world should be. Airplanes should drop candy and money to the people below. If this happened the world would be a much better place to be. If airplanes did the wonderful deed of dropping free goods people would always want airplanes to fly overhead, people would be much happier and energetic, and pilots would do a better job of controlling airplanes. If candy and money always dropped from airplanes the people in this world would love airplanes and they would always want them to fly overhead. If people received these goods from airplanes they would pay one hundred percent more attention to airplanes. Being outdoors would be fascinating because people would always be on the lookout for airplanes. If an airplane flew overhead people would drop absolutely everything they were doing and run towards…show more content…
All people love free candy and money, unless they are from Jupiter or something. Since people love these things their happiness level would shoot up when they spotted an airplane overhead. Their happiness level would shoot up because they would be about to receive what they love most. When people would get candy and money from airplanes they would be happy for the rest of their lives. Pilots would do a million times better on their job if they dropped free goods. Studies show that pilots drive more accurately if they have something that excites them, such as candy or money. Pilots do better when their airplanes drop candy bars and wads of cash because they love them, just like all other people. Pilots could take these wonderful things whenever they pleased because there would always be stashes of them if airplanes dropped them. If people want pilots to control airplanes more accurately they should make it mandatory for airplanes to drop free candy and

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