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Ziggy Marley, son of Bob and Rita Marley, is a famous reggae singer. He was raised in a Rastafarian household by his esteemed father and mother. From the beginning he had strong ideals instilled within him. These ideals become apparent in his work and helped shape him into the man everyone knows today. Ziggy Marley’s 2006 album “Love is my Religion” demonstrates his belief systems. He demonstrates his ideals by speaking out about how, “The systems got too much control,” in his song Be Free and in his song Love is my Religion he shows the hypocrisy of religion, “I don't condemn, I don't convert/ This is a calling have you heard/ Bring all the lovers to the fold, / 'Cause no one is gonna lose their soul” (Marley). Although Ziggy tried to break free from his parent’s shadows, his beliefs were close knit to his parents and helped shape his music into what is known today, a rebellious reggae singer. Rastafarianism is a movement that shaped the way that Ziggy was brought up and ultimately how he interrupts situations. Neil J. Savishinsky, author of Transitional popular culture and the global spread of Jamaican Rastafarian…show more content…
Instead of claiming a specific religion he says love is his religion. This is a powerful message that he puts out by saying, “I found out what this life is worth/ Not in the books that I find,/ But by searching my mind/ I don't condemn, I don't convert/ This is the calling have you heard,/ Bring all the lovers to the fold/ No one is gonna lose their soul” (Marley). He plays on the idea that religion shames many things and in some ways they even shame love. Ziggy tells people that it’s okay to love and you won’t lose yourself by loving someone. This is an extremely important point in today’s society. Religion constantly critics peoples beliefs so they are scared to just be themselves because they are in fear of rejection from

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