You Can Go Home Again Mary Tallmalin Analysis

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Native Americans have struggled finding their voice. Whenever someone differs, others often insult their differences. Those who differ may feel subordinate; society imposed a persona onto them. In "You Can Go Home Again" by Mary TallMountain, and "Waiting at the Edge: Words Towards a Life" by Maurice Kenny, both writers are in search of their identities. Throughout their lives, they've been mocked and felt out of place due to their Native American heritage, which caused TallMountain and Kenny to search for their selves. Both TallMountain and Kenny searched for their identity through family, school, and writing. At a very young age, TallMountain's family was nonexistent. TallMountain states, "the village disputed the adoption, and the Anglos censured it" (5). The emotions she felt as she lost her family and her…show more content…
TallMountain expresses, “I had an obligation to myself and my peers to use it constructively to rebuild, perhaps, some part of the world I live in” (8). TallMountain experienced so much hatred and discrimination that the only safe haven she ever had was writing. She contemplated her duty to reconstruct the world. TallMountain wanted to educate and express the concerns and treatment she endured to change the way everyone perceives Native Americans. She found an outlet that made it easy for her to explain how she feels; she connected her cruel past to a medium that many can read and express how she feels in an elegant way. Her life used to contain tragedies and loss, but now because she found a purpose in her life. TallMountain’s search for her identity no longer is of concern. TallMountain’s ability to associate her feelings and experiences with writing showed that she is no longer alone but connected to the world with similar experiences. She discovered her identity utilizing writing to connect to people and nature in ways she could not have done

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