Year-Round Schooling Argumentative Analysis

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Education has been around for several years and has be a pathway to more successful job opportunities. Year round schooling offers student a better chance to retain information, instead of forgetting what they learned over the long summer break. All year schooling would be an educated decision because it still offers the students the same amount of break time and school time and it help them retain the information they learned. The most popular version of all year schooling is the 45-15 plan which means you go to school for nine weeks and three weeks off. This lasts the whole year. There are several other versions like the 60-20 and the 90-30 plans. With the 45-15 there is a multiple-track plan. The multiple-track plan Splits the students…show more content…
They are wrong. Having school year round actually offers more jobs. It offers more jobs because instead of all the student cramming to get a job in the limited summer months. They can get jobs in other parts of the year because the student have multiple breaks throughout the year, offering more job opportunities (Ballinger 16). Students retain more information with the shorter breaks. Rendering them more likely to pick up on the information the learned before break. Reducing the amount of time it takes to get back in the flow of things. About 40 percent of students thought they learned more with the all year schooling and the shorter breaks (Quinlan 13). Teachers opinions vary about year round school but, about 74 percent of teachers said they preferred all year schooling rather than other methods (Quinlan 13). Teachers believe that all year schooling programs produce better-quality than other methods. Teachers state that it takes less time to review and less retention loss are benefits of year round schooling. It helps relieve stress because they have multiple breaks throughout the year. With the breaks teachers can go on vacation or find new teaching activities and teaching them increasing their salary. Teachers worry about what their pay schedule be and what happens if it change. They learn though that their pay schedule doesn't change much at

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