Women In Tartuffe

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When Tartuffe was written, women were seen much differently than they are now. Women were supposed to be completely submissive to the men in their lives. That’s not the case for the women in this play, though. These women are all strong-willed and opinionated. Mariane is absolutely stereotypical, as the obedient and passive daughter - her marriage serves as a catalyst for much of the conflict. Mariane is clearly demonstrating the subservient girl that does what she is told. She knows that you are not supposed to question what her father says. Throughout the rest of the play many actions prove that she is shy and innocent. The first of those actions is that she is not able to stick up for herself as the other characters do. For example, in Act II, Scene II Orgon is pushing Mariane to accept the marriage to Tartuffe. Even though Mariane is in love with Valere and wants to marry him. She does not standup for herself and object to Orgon’s demands. Instead, it is her maid Dorine that is trying to convince…show more content…
This is a demonstration of how bold her character can be. They continue arguing back and forth for the rest of the scene. Dorine may have been a maid but that did not stop her from speaking her mind. She is quick on her feet and just as quick to speak. She is a very strong character, and without her, Mariane never would have found the courage to stand up to her father. I believe that Madame Pernelle is one of the most obnoxious characters in the play. She rude, bossy, and judgemental towards her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. She seems to have a perverse delight in the disappointment over the family's shortcomings, while refusing to acknowledge her own. Madame Pernelle seems to be the type of woman to refuse to take any orders from a man. She has no interest in listening to what anyone else has to say. Her feelings regarding every subject are very

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