Bureaucracy In The Film 'Office Space'

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The movie, “Office Space” clearly depicts modern day bureaucracy. In the beginning of the movie, each character is introduced as they are riding to initech, the company where they are employed, and it is quite obvious how the characters seem to be dreading their arrival. Peter, the main character, arrives to initech and there is an immediate sense for his everyday routine. Secondly, the boss and coworkers are introduced. As the movie proceeds, there are a few characters introduced who are working outside of initech but are also working in a bureaucratic environment. Peter becomes fed up with his job and gives up all responsibility, while the others around him are scared for the jobs due to the layoffs happening within the office. Peter begins to sense the affect these layoffs are having on him and other coworkers and devises a plan to encouraging his fellow co-workers to quit their jobs with initech. Lastly, a group of initech coworkers then conspire against Initech to get back at them for not treating them how they believe they should be treated. This is similar to the ideas of bureaucracy which stem from Max Weber. Max Weber believed in seven principles of bureaucracy; formal hierarchy structure, management, specialty organization, “up-focused” or “in-focused” missions, equal opportunity,…show more content…
In the beginning of the movie when Peter enters Initech and you immediately are able to see all the cubicles lined up with everyone in their own cubicle, where they sit every day and complete the same set of tasks. Peter is bombarded by not only his boss but by all other employees in regards to him making a simple mistake on paper work. Although this is a simple mistake that can still be corrected everyone is sure to ask if he “received the

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