Similarities Between Othello And Tartuffe

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Centuries Apart Throughout Othello and Tartuffe, there are countless different commentaries regarding human conditions. There are some aspects that are very opposite besides the fact that one is a tragedy and the other a comedy. The play writes view on women has very opposite view points. In Othello,women and portrayed as weak second class citizens, and in Tartuffe, women where to challenge the original roles of women. In the tragedy Othello, women were not given important roles. They were in place to serve men. Desdemona was not given equal rights of any man obviously. No matter how many times she told the truth and attempted to convince Othello, it was all for nothing. Her words against a man like Iago’s had absolutely no meaning to Othello.…show more content…
A man like Othello could have definitely not believed his wife when she was telling the truth and ultimately led her to her death. After all, women were treating with unfairness and not equally in that time. In Tartuffe it’s the same thing. Women could stick up for themselves about marriage and their intended spouses. Sure it would require them to be bold; however it was definitely a possibility that was not unheard of. Works from Moliere like Tartuffe are still performed today because of the religious hypocritical side it took in arguments. Works from Shakespeare like Othello is still performed because the audience finds that it is still relevant. That they play electrified a still segregated nation. Othello and Tartuffe where written in less than a century apart they still present different commentary regarding the human condition. Though they have large differences, like the playwrights view on women (quiet and a servant to man or bold with a choice) they however still have similarities (like purpose for being written) and components (that appeal to audience and issues today) that still cause them to be performed around the word to this

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