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The Wizard of Earthsea is a fantasy novel which happened in Gont Island that was written by an American author Ursula Le Guin. Most people recently love reading books about magic. When they start reading this novel, they are interested in having a fiction life. Moreover, readers go through a world that is impossible to have it in real life. In addition, the most interesting thing in this novel is that it is very difficult to defeat the evil and shadow without real power. The writer used three great ways to give the readers the objective of the novel. First, the young boy was too proud, and then he became wise and kind as he grew up. This shows that every young man have opportunity to change. Another way is that people cannot have power to…show more content…
But, the most important thing that he was so hungry for knowledge and eager to learn. For example, he tried very hard to learn the name of Sparrowhawk, the osprey, and the eagle and most people tell him Sparrowhawk. Therefore, his mother died when he was one year. After that his aunt helped and grows him and he pleaded his aunt for help in earring the name of these birds. He was a quick person in getting knowledge. Even before anyone teaches him magic, he has that power to use it. When he heard reading spell from his aunt at the first time, he could yelled the rhyme loudly. At that time, his aunt realized that he has power in making magic. So, she decided to teach him. She gave him a hard lesson that, “you will not ever tell that word to the other children, if I teach it to you,” (Wizard of Earthsea). This shows that if he reveals the secret and someone else hears the, he cannot speak the words that are used in every circumstance. When his aunt taught him the most important part of what she knew about magic, he became so eager to earn more knowledge. This is because his aunt insisted that a sorcerer has ability to get power over men. One day Kargad Empire tried to invade Gont and other island around Gont. When the raiders came to Ten Alder which is a part of Gont and Dunny was born there, he got power and used his power to protect the village against invader. After that, he became unconscious until the…show more content…
Ged kept asking Ogion to teach him super amazing magic .Ogion knew that Ged is impatient and too proud. Ogion told him that patience is the key to success in magic. If you are patient, you can do everything with magic. Therefore, he started to show him patience and the power of balance. When Ged and Ogion came back to Ogion’s home, the rain started. Ged asked him why you did not use magic to stop the rain. Ogion did not do anything until they got wet in the rain. This is because Ogion wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate patience and the balance to him. But, Ged did not understand what Ogion was going to teach him. Ogion tried to send him to gather herb in order to have free time think about nature. Ged met a girl, and he wanted to show him how powerful he is. When the girl asked him to call sprit of the dead, Ged did not know this until he got the spell from Lore –Books. Eventually, Ged was in capable to impress the girl because some shadow monster emerged. So, Ged wasn’t powerful enough to control the situation that he faced. Fortunately, Ogion could banished the shadow, and found this opportunity to teach Ged a valuable lesson. He told Ged,” This sorcery is not a game we play for pleasure or for praise.”(Wizard of Earthsea) This shows that using magic is not for enjoying, being too proud, and expressing admiration. This means that Ged is supposed to think deeply

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