Indian Removal Act Argumentative Essay

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The U.S is constitutional for establishing America’s national government and laws which guarantees basic rights for its citizens. The government comes together to delegate laws for its country to embody these principles for citizens to have rights to do anything they please. Some examples would be the Articles of Confederation and the Bill of Rights because they both offer society, freedom and independence. Along with the Indian Removal Act it brings the blessing of liberty and civilization. The Indian Removal Act was constitutional because it placed a dense and civilized population in large tracts of the country. According to Andrew Jackson’s excerpts regarding the Removal Act, he points out that it puts an end to all possible danger of collision between the authorities of the General and State Governments on account of the Indians. With this removal it will place a dense and civilized population in large tracts of the country. By opening…show more content…
With that said, the removal of the Native Americans will help strengthen the country because there wouldn’t be as much territories located on the boundaries making it easier to prevent future invasions. The American government would have the power to overcome invasions if there were less Indian territories on the southwestern boundaries. The United States acquired western lands with the Louisiana Purchase, which was simply a transfer of rights in exchange of for money, which many Indians territories lived on these lands.(Lebeau, p.136) The Removal Act called for removal treaties to be signed by all the tribal members but only a few signed off on it. This treaty was designed to exchange the western lands of Mississippi for land holdings east of the river, as well as provide monies for improvements, transportation, and

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