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One of America’s favorite pastimes is watching people act in a ridiculous or entertaining manner. Comedians, especially, are popular among movie and television fans. But what is a comedian? What qualities does a great comedian have? A comedian is someone who who acts in a laughable and nonsensical manner, often improvising its lines and jokes. Successful comedians are quick-on-their-feet, have many hours of practice, and know the limits of their jokes. Personally, I consider Will Ferrell to be an exceptional comedian. Ferrell’s outgoing personality, amazing improvisation skills, and spontaneity makes him a hilarious person to watch. Will Ferrell was born John William Farrell on July 16, 1967 in Irvine, California. Ferrell is the oldest…show more content…
Because of the troubles in popularity during the mid-90s, Saturday Night Live recruited Will Ferrell to audition. Eventually Ferrell won the audition, and became host of Saturday Night Live in 1995, a role which he would have for the next seven years. Ferrell was a major contributing factor to why Saturday Night Live was so popular during the late-90s and early 2000s. His most infamous acts included his various impersonations of characters such as George W. Bush, Neil Diamond, Biggie Smalls, Alex Trebek, and even Fidel Castro. During this time period, Ferrell also landed many roles on television shows and other late night programs. Farrell retired as host of Saturday Night Live in 2002. However, Ferrell does reclaim his role as host now and again. Ferrell’s transition to the big screen was also very successful. Ferrell’s first movies included roles in Austin Powers and A Night at Roxbury. While many of Ferrell's early films were universally panned, it was evident that he had a place in the movie industry. After some initial failures, Ferrell had many films that were well-recieved such as Elf, The Other Guys, Step Brothers, and Anchorman. Compared to many Saturday Night Live stars who have had the hopes of being reaching fame on the big screen, Ferrell is one of the most popular and

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