Persuasive Essay On Puppies Vs Babies

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Puppies v. Babies Many people believe that owning a puppy will prepare them for parenthood but as soon as they experienced both having a child and a dog, they would think differently. Although puppies and babies can be compared in many ways, they do have quite a few differences. I’m not just talking about the fact that pups are completely covered in hair as most babies have little to no hair at all or even that babies eventually learn to talk and dogs will only forever bark. There are both differences and similarities between these two things that could best be known by someone who has experienced having both. Puppies and babies are mostly alike in their habits of requiring undivided attention at all times and completely disregarding your privacy rights. From the moment you bring your puppy/baby home, they will be attached to you and will not stop whining and crying until you give them all of your attention. You will never be able to even go to the restroom by yourself again. Sleep patterns are also a similar trait in pups and babies. They both will sleep for about 70% of the day until matured to certain ages. As soon as they wake up, they will want to eat and use the bathroom almost simultaneously. Speaking of…show more content…
Frequent chewing is the only way to sooth this pain. Babies will chew on frozen gel toys made specifically for teething while puppies will chew on anything and everything in sight. Discipline is also a very similar attribute that the two hold to a certain extent. If your baby or puppy does something they shouldn’t, you will tell them no and when they do something you want them to do then you will praise them every time to form good habits. One of the last characteristics that puppies and babies have in common is that you will endlessly worry about them. You will always wonder if they are sleeping well, if they are eating enough, and how they are doing when you are not

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