Why Should The Government Acquire Civic Virtue?

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Civic Virtue is the development of personal actions that are essential to the functioning of community (Banyan). The government should not require all citizens to vote because it would infringe on the civic virtue of individual freedom. Everyone has a right to vote, but it is not the governments job to force everyone to exercise that right, doing so would take away from the freedoms that America proudly offers to its citizens. As human, every person has the agency to do, essentially, what ever they want, among the choices people living as adult citizens get to make is the choice whether or not to vote. Government mandated voting would greatly diminish the civic virtue of personal freedom that every individual is entitled to. Voting is not something that the government can force people to do, like they do with things such as taxes. There are…show more content…
Technically people still have the freedom to choose if they are going to pay taxes, but if not paid the government punishes those who did not pay. This is not how voting should be, a person should not be penalized for not voting. Every adult citizen has the right to vote and it is up to each individual to decide if they are going to exercise their right. There are many reasons why people choose not to vote. In a poll done by the Washington Post, it was observed that some of the reasons that people did not vote were; illness, they did not like the candidates, or simply were not interested in voting (Clement). It would be unfair to force people similar to these to vote when they are justified in their reasons not to. Despite the fact that the number of Americans voting has

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