Ethical Use Of Placebo Essay

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The use of ethical behavior in the medical field consist of many factors, whether it’s “be good to others” or the “golden rule” as some may call it, treatments and studies can also have a certain type of minutia which makes it ethical or not. The usage of a placebo is a fine example of an argument that could go on in which whether it is “ethical” or not to use a placebo during treatment. In some instances I believe that the use of a placebo is perfectly fine only if it is not used to treat a very strenuous disease. In the forefront many are not against it but that does not mean the topic of a placebo is kept in a pacifistic standard. Some opinions upon this topic reside on believing that normal treatment should be done instead of changing it with a fake one. As someone has stated before, “Is it ethical…show more content…
The outcome of the placebo effect has been very positive which has caused more and more doctors to use it on their patients. The main type of procedure done is instead of giving the usual pill they would need they give them a sugar pill which they believed was the actual pill and most of the time it seems to work just fine and with a portion of the ones that were not showing gradual increase in health they would be given the normal pill which leads to the experimental group. The experimental group consist of a population of people that have been chosen randomly that get the actual medicine which cures them in that specific way while the control group gets the placebo for the experiment to see which method is better for assisting the

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