Why Rochester Is A Bad Guy

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In English literature there is always a character that is labeled the bad guy. In my project I discuss why in Hamlet, Jane Eyre, Madame Bovary and Porphyria’s Lover there is a common thread of the bad guy. I examine why certain characters are labeled bad guys for reasons that can be seen as subjective. This bad guy theory intrigued me because most works of English Literature seem to follow the same template throughout the novels. In Jane Eyre, Jane is the obvious heroine of the story. She comes from an unloving family and through her misguided path in life she stumbles across Rochester. At first she is hesitant to become involved with him, nonetheless she does. Rochester can be classified as the cliché English literature bad guy because he is wealthy, somehow selfish and will in some way, mistreat our beloved heroine. I question the fact that he’s labeled as bad guy as a result of how he treats Jane, not because he locked his mentally estranged wife in his house as a secret. Bertha alone could be seen as the main reason he’s not a good guy, but that is not the case. The reason Rochester is a bad guy is due to his secret negatively affecting Jane. If this template did not exist perhaps the two parts of the story wouldn’t relate to each other but, in this case, Rochester takes the blame.…show more content…
Hamlet’s plan of revenge takes a turns for the worse, in terms of his relationship with Ophelia. He begins to treat Ophelia like he never loved her and says really absurdly rude things to her. When Ophelia begins to go mad, Hamlet’s character morale really goes down the drain. He is labeled as a horribly bad guy for the way he treated Ophelia. What I find intriguing was that he wasn’t granted this horrendous label when he killed Polonius or when he set out to kill Claudius. During those acts he was just seen to be mad, however as soon as it involves Ophelia, he is the bad

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