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The Importance of Rasselas Have you ever wondered why being happy is so important? Happiness is important because without it we wouldn’t have a positive state of mind. As a result, Rasselas wasn’t happy because he didn’t like being in the same place all the time. Rasselas is important to history and to the class, because he teaches us that we should venture out into the world every chance we get and learn new things. For example, if someone has been in New York all of their life, they’ll never get the chance to drive their car. When you’re in New York you won’t get to drive your car, because the city is too crowded with people, buses, people on bikes, taxis, trains, and trolleys. No one can learn new things if he or she just stay in one place and never go anywhere. I’ve been going to church, and…show more content…
Whenever I go to different churches, I learn new things that I didn’t know already such as: how to sing correctly, how to usher correctly, and how to invite people to church the right way. I learned how to sing correctly at congress this summer. Congress is when our church, and other churches, come together and split up into classes. While I was at congress, Mr. Riley, the choir director from St. Luke Baptist Church, taught us how to correctly sing, listen, and pay attention for when to come in during a song. We practiced Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, for the big night Wednesday. All of our hard work finally paid off wednesday and proved that when you learn something new and work your hardest at it; you’ll become a success. Fifth Saturday Institutes are a good learning place too. One Fifth Saturday Institute, Rev. Nance explained to us that we shoud allow an adult to walk down the middle aisle, while we’re ushering at church. At first I didn’t fully understand his concept, but then he told us that

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