Why Is James Madison Responsible For The Tyranny Of The Constitution

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One of the most influential statesmen in the early republican period was James Madison. Madison was one of the patriots who wrote the Federalist Papers, which were responsible for the acceptance and eventual ratification of the Constitution of the United States. The papers brought up some of the main reasons why the Constitution ought to have been ratified, and many solutions to the evils that would potentially be faced by the United States. In his papers Madison drew attention especially to the concern of the tyranny of the majority and the possible solutions to his concern. He first considered where the problem stems with factions, but went on to look at solutions to the effect of factions because factions themselves were not his greatest concern. For James Madison the most worrisome evil to potentially face America was factions resulting in the…show more content…
The tyranny of the majority is a condition where the majority faction overwhelms the smaller factions and proceeds to control them. Madison made his concern of tyranny known especially in the 10th Federalist Paper, with some mention in his other papers, and writings including the Constitution in which his contributions were heavily influenced by his concerns. Factions were a legitimate threat, and the greatest of the potential evils for the United States because the good of the public would be disregarded by the majority faction, and they would make hasty decisions that would harm the country. The greatest cause for factions as described by Madison in the tenth federalist paper is different degrees of possession of

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