Fear Of Death In De Rerum Nonturna By Lucretius

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In Lucretius’s book, “De Rerum Nonturna” he presents the philosophy of Epicurus, which is the Greek philosophy from the 5th century, B.C. Lucretius’s objective was to banish one’s fear of death. Based on his theory, one should not fear death due to the fact that when one dies we are no longer living. Therefore we do not feel nor remember anything of our lives. At the time of death our body is not whole anymore. Yes, our atoms will be reborn, and they will live on forever, but our identity nor our soul will belong to that bond anymore. Although our atoms will be reborn into the same structure, our mind will no longer be intertwined. According to Lucretius you only live once, don’t waste time fearing death, when you have the equal opportunity to spend your time enjoying life. “From all this it follows that death is nothing to us and no concern of ours, since our tenure of the mind is mortal”. One should not fear death because death is…show more content…
After one dies our atoms live forever, just not in the same combination that made us whole and alive once before. Death redeems us from the fate of suffering, because if the future holds’ anguish and tribulations for oneself, one must be living and in existence in order to experience it. Therefore, when your time of death comes, you can think of it as a sense of salvation from any future devastation that can occur, misery can’t affect us anymore. Death ends the existence of the self, not the body. One must not worry about what happens to the body after death, because you will not be able to feel it, see it, sense it nor fear it while anything is going on. Why worry about being cremated, buried, or mauled by dogs, when the truth of the matter is you will never know what exactly happened to your body, you won’t suffer. Nothing from your mind and soul will linger on at all to be able to fret over what has happened to your body after

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