Why Do All Plants Contain Gluten

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Do all plants contain gluten? Make a list of plants that contain gluten. No, all plants do not contain gluten. The plants that do contain gluten are barley, Bulgur, oats, rye, seitan, triticale, white flour, whole wheat flour, durum wheat, graham flour kamut, semolina, and spelt. 2. What are some known health issues that some people consuming gluten have? The health issues are the Celiac disease, a risk of brain disorder, and the side effects that come along with eating a lot of gluten. However, many of the symptoms are similar to those in celiac disease, including bloating, stomach pain, fatigue, diarrhea, as well as pain in the bones and joints. 3. Find a recent scientific article (on Google Scholar for example) that relates consumption of gluten to brain health issues and summarize the findings.…show more content…
The antibodies are present in the gut and brain of patients with gluten with or without an enteropathy to patients with celiac disease, latent celiac disease, and dermatitis. with having coeliac disease, people who were not on a gluten-free diet had at least one brain area as compared with one of 15 healthy controls (7%) and one of 15 patients (7%) with coeliac disease who were on a gluten-free diet. But Gluten sensitivity is a common disease that can manifest in several of ways. In result of circulating antibodies that react with brain antigens after the blood brain, it relates to a T-cell that is involved in immune surveillance of the

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