Why Did The Allies Lose Ww2

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For the Allies in World War Two, their main goal was to defeat Germany. Here are some reasonable factors on why the Allied started winning in the latter stages. Through research it is critical to say that the reasons were the unexpected power of resistance of the Red Army, the successful air power of the Allies, and the supply of American armaments. The Allies came with an outcome of uniting together a European superpower including the United States to end the world crisis by defeating Hitler’s leadership. The Allies were a group of countries that included France, Great Britain, Russia and United States called the big four. In 1942 the British forces were on the way to successfully defeating certain battles and the American economy had no issues until the total war was talked about and the Americans were unprepared for the colossal demands. The resistance of the Red army can be a reason on why the Allies had victory or you can disagree on the Red armies expectations. The Red Army was fought in 1941 were more than five million Soviet soldiers were killed and captured. It is easily to say that…show more content…
Known for her world’s largest industrial economy by providing weapon production and also war equipment. The great USA had a great deal of character by having educational engineers that brought a skill set of having better technology then Germany. The Allies allowing America to be a part of the Allies would also bring gains of improvements in productivity. This was a main reason for why the Allied became success in later stages, because the USA was bringing better ideas. The Allies were the big four and the differences about the four are each country brought a specific quality that made the Allies powerful. Every country made the allied and made it to what it is now in history and without these countries they could have never have the keys to possibly defeat

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