Why 3 Branches Of Government Are Influential

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Hadi Mehdi Beverly Giacobbe Social Studies (World History) 8 December 2014 Why the 3 branches of government are Influential? All of people around say: “The government is the whole problem.” The US government is one of the best governments out there, but every institution has problems, nothing is perfect. The 3 branches of government is what help the US government stay intact, and stay strong. The whole world should make the change into this type of government. The US government follow the constitution which was written by the founding fathers. The constitution still provide the rules in which the US government abides by. The US government consists of three branches: the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive government. The legislative branch includes the congress, write the laws. The executive branch includes the president, enforce laws. The judicial branch includes supreme court, decide whether laws are constitutional…show more content…
The US is a superpower in this world and is feared by many countries for a reason. (Nutting, 2) The US government have achieved all these achievement due to the control and balance they have in the country, the reason for this control and balance in the country is that they have a balanced government which works to ensure better life and protection for the people of the country. Many countries have not achieved half of what the US has achieved therefore the US government should be the type of government in which many countries should start following. Work Cited American History. Parsippany, NJ: Globe Fearon Pearson Learning Group, 2003. Nutting, Rex. "The 10 Best Things Government Has Done for Us." MarketWatch. MarketWatch, 27 Sept. 2011. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.

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