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The sculpture of the triad of King Menkaura with the goddess Hathor and the deified Hare nome is made out of Greywacke, Greystone. The material was made up of different sandstone that is known for its hardness and dark color. It has a height of 33.25 inches and weight of 414 lbs. The museum of fine arts describes this sculpture as the central figure being the goddess, Hathor. She was important during this time and represented fertility, creation, birth, and rebirth and was the king's mother and protector. In the sculpture, she wears a headdress of cow's horns and a sun disk. She is sitting down on a post and holds Menkaure to show association between the two of them. This female structure wears her hair down, possesses a relaxed, serious face, and wears a skirt without any top, revealing her breasts. Hathor overall looks like a very ordinary female other than her headdress (Shallcross 21). King Menkaura is standing to her left wearing a crown representing his reign of Upper Egypt (the Nile…show more content…
It supports the idea that the King was adored during this time and Hathor and Hare nome are embracing them in the carved scene. It also supports the idea that the Egyptian society did whatever they could to make the King’s life enjoyable. The Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh was godly and his needs had to be met (Museum of Fine Arts 1). The triad was created in 2490–2472 B.C. from Giza, Egypt in the Temple of Menkaura. It was part of the Old Kingdom of the 4th dynasty during the reign of Menkaura starting when he was 18 years old to when he was 22 years. The piece was found in one of Menkaura’s dedicated temples probably built by an Egyptian sculpture. This piece is in Boston at Harvard University- Museum of Fine Arts, expedition 09.200 where the public can view it. The sculpture ended up in the MFA when it was awarded to the museum by the government of Egypt in 1909 (Shallcross

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