How Is Ruby Song Related To Fight Song

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Fight Song - Rachel Platten: This song represents the beginning of the novel, and relates to the main character Ruby. She believes she has gone crazy due to lack of company and too much time to think. Ruby describes it as, "All day, every day, all night, every night, my head simmered with nonsense." She began to do things that were outrageous, such as shave her head and talk to the rain. One day, she totaled a Ferrari, which alerted her that there was a problem. She decides that something needs to be done but slowly falls back into the slumps of her craziness. One day, her friend Saskia rang the church bells and then ran into Ruby. When Saskia saw Ruby's condition, they decided together that something needed to be done. Therefore, Ruby was…show more content…
After she found out she was immune, the army ran lots of tests and were able to duplicate the Phage in a way that could be released into the water system and could make the rest of the survivors immune to the rain. She was talking to the doctor about releasing the Phage into the waterways when Xar, the owner of the mansion, and who has also been tracking Ruby down, comes into the room with a gun. He doesn't want to let the people survive because he thinks the world is better off without humans. Xar shoots the doctor, and then another doctor, referred to as Ms. TVSOYMMSTTVCOMB, comes in to help. Xar grabs her and holds a gun to her head. Darius then comes in, but he's lost his glasses, so Xar lets go of the doctor, and holds the gun to Darius' head. Darius makes his free hand into the shape of a dog, howling at the moon. Ruby knows what she has to do, so she whispers, "I love you," and pushes the button to purge the tank. I believe that the theme the song touches is that you can do anything if you believe, and you can achieve your goals. This brings up the emotion "brave" because Ruby knew the consequences to purging the tank, but took the risk for what was left of

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