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Imagine being in a world without trees providing you shade, fresh oxygen and ripe fruits. Trees play a very important factor in life and are essential to survive. All it took was one person with a big dream to help her hometown and country become a better place to live. Wangari Maathai was that dreamer. Wangari was very important women in her country by making it environmentally sustainable to survive in. Wangari Maathai was born April 1, 1940 from a small village in Nyeri, Africa. She was raised on a farm where her father worked for the owners and she did the chores around the farm. When she turned eight she joined her brothers at a local primary school. At this time it was very uncommon for females to become educated. Once she turned eleven…show more content…
Finally, she thought of planting trees to make more in her community. She asked the women in her hometown to help replant trees and scavenge around to find seeds to plant. The Green Belt movement was invented in the 1977 (B). The green Belt Movement was created to reduce poverty and conserve the environment by planting trees (A). Soon even the children in her community took part in scavenging for seed so they could plant them. The GBM planted more than 35 million trees in Africa. Her community was the first to have a public nursery and reservoir for trees. Many of the men in her country didn’t like the women planting trees, creating groups and protesting. They feared that the women were trying to become stronger and more independent. Wangari created many protests against the lumberjacks, President and other authority type personnel for cutting down need trees. One of her longest protest was to save the public park from being destroyed to become a place for a media center to be built. President Daniel Arap moi made the idea model of a 62-story Time Media Trust Center that would contain a television station, newspaper headquarters, a conference center and a 4-story Statue of the President himself (A). Uhuru Park is the only public park were the people could visit for free and relax with their families without any worries or authority figures telling them what to do (c). Wangari and her followers camped out at the

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