Francis Vs Wilson

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Ernest Hemingway’s piece titled “The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber.” Reminds the reader the difference between Francis Macomber and Robert Wilson. Francis is a rich yet a bit coward who audience thinks that he is not a man at all, apart from him; there is Wilson whom reader assume that he is a hero. Francis Macomber and Wilson are completely different from each other as a man which Hemingway wrote in his story. The first evidence that is difference between Francis and Wilson is “Macomber’s wife had not looked at him nor he at her,” (Hemingway). After hunting Francis had failed to kill the lion by himself even though he had shot the lion. That way Macomber’s wife is angry at him and does not want to talk to him. This is important because Macomber was scared of the lion because of that he have failed to kill it; on other hand Wilson showed his bravery by going in the direction where the lion was and killed it. This tells me that Wilson and Francis are completely opposite from each other due to the fact that Wilson is an adventurous guy who have killed the lion and it makes him a hero; Francis who panicked seeing the lion that made him a wimp…show more content…
Wilson, she told him and smiled again,” (Hemingway). This tells me that Wilson drinks a lot of alcohol which makes his face red. Margaret likes that Wilson’s face is red. This is important because When Francis drinks his face is never red; he drinks little of alcohol. There is Wilson who drinks a lot and has red face every day.This tells me that Wilson and francis are completely opposite from each other due to fact that Wilson drinks a lot that makes him a men. Francis who drinks and does not have red face that makes them completely

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