Summary Of The Article 'Her Choice, Her Problem' By Richard Stith

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The article Her Choice, Her Problem written by Richard Stith is an argument on abortion. The topic of abortion is a very fine line of conversation that seems to escalate quickly. People come with very strong opinions on this topic. Stith starts out this article with a very strong statement, “Men these days can choose only sex, not fatherhood; mothers alone determine whether children shall be allowed to exist.” The way our culture has developed started with the idea of sexual intercourse came with consequences of the possible conception of life. Both sexes knew that they were equally responsible for the child and marriage usually follows. With the legalization of abortion, men begin to feel that they are not responsible for the birth of the child and are not under any obligation to marry the women that has become pregnant. The decision to continue through the pregnancy and stir away from an abortion is commonly seen now as the women’s fault. Stith discusses that it is alone the women’s choice whether or not to bring the child into the world. The lack of sympathy has also been taken from women because it is placed on their shoulders to continue the pregnancy rather than get…show more content…
My opinion on this subject is going to be completely different than the next persons. Engaging in sexual intercourse is something that should be put through a thought process. The reason and purpose for “sex” in my opinion and belief is for the conception and birth of children. Before engaging in this activity one must realize the consequences that might result from your actions. If not careful contraception could occur and even sexual transmitted diseases. The decision made is truly the women’s choice because she is the one physically carrying the child but in a respected sense it is both parties who are at fault. If the sex is consensual and both parties are aware of their actions, both should be responsible for the

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