Who Is Liposella Abominable Idea?

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful demi-god named Liposella. She was a dashing and cherished woman. However, that changed when the truthful woman was not invited to the festivity at Mount Olympus. She was determined to hatch a plan to go to the celebration. Nothing was going to stop her. Liposella’s plan in her eyes was perfect! After a lot of research and spying, Vronti the goddess of lightning and recurrence would not be going; so Liposella would be disguised as her. She now explains her some-what evil plan to her side-kick Deilios he believes it is a abominable idea and tries to persuade her to not go. However Liposella would not hear it. She put her delicate fingers pursed to her finely lined lips. He shouted “You will be killed and go to the underworld, your risking lives of other people, you must not go!”…show more content…
However she couldn’t contain herself. She partied a little too hard and became tipsy out of her mind. She was escorted out where the unthinkable matter would happen. However it was too late, Vronti struck the chariot with her lightning force. The light blue carriage hurdled forward, with great agility the chariot with the beautiful white glistening horse leaped together into the fall crisp air. It fell head first in Mount Olympus gold-opening-gates. As Liposella scrambled to get her belongings and make a mad-dash. She heard a evil mocking cry in the distance. It was Vronti! Vronti shouted “I got you now Liposella!” With all her might, she showed off her long fingers and pointed at Liposella and the carriage she fell through 1000 ledges that created a large “boom”

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