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King Lear was the ultimate force and leader of his kingdom, however he was not a good family man. The Household article stated “fathers ruled over all subordinate members: wives, children, and servants.” (Household 176) Lear ruled with an iron fist, and an iron heart. Due to his lack of confidence he overly dominated everyone, demanding to be obeyed. He had to be admired and adored by others to feel kingly himself. He had no real sympathy and affection when it came to his sneaky and conniving daughters, except sweet Cordelia. Lear lacked clear perception and insight into the true feelings of others and the lack of order he had for his family was the final factor that allowed the family and the state to crumble. Breaking and mending bonds were…show more content…
Gloucester at one point had an affair with Edmond’s mom and then blamed her “fertility” on the reason she became with child as if he had nothing to do with it. Edmund, being described as an illegitimate son, feels the wrath of his birth and this leads to his description of the flawed family systems that only first born males are truly cared about. According to Lynda E. Boose, “Second and third sons counted for little and daughters for even less. A younger son… be kept around as a ‘walking sperm bank in case the elder son died childless’.” It is Edmund’s jealousy and greed that made him set his brother up. The Household states “the entitlements of the eldest son were a source of resentment to the younger siblings. (Household 177) Due to Edmund being a “bastard” child, not being rightfully acknowledged by Gloucester, and tired of how society viewed second sons, he jealously devised a plan to set up his half-brother. After Edmund arranged his brother’s demise, and Edgar fled for his life, Gloucester put a price on his head for his life. This shows the lack of trust, communication, and cowardliness between the men in this family. Their relationship lacks a foundation and…show more content…
In act five scene three, Goneril poisons her sister Regan and then takes her own life out of guilt. After mending their relationship, Cordelia is hung and nothing is more devastating to Lear than the death of his dearest daughter. He cries out, “Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life, and thou no breath at all.” (305) Lear dies from heartache and grief. According to Boose, “ a dead father with his final three dead daughters, the wheel having come full circle back to the opening scene of the play.” (Boose 208) In the beginning of the play, Lear had all authority and was determining who would rule what. At the end of the story he no longer held that authority and could not change any of the events that

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