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Horatio Though Horatio was a lesser character in the play and no one seems to know where he really came from, it was his great impact on Hamlet that keeps Hamlets spirit alive. They met while attending school in Wittenburg. Horatio was the best friend that Hamlet could have ever asked for. He was completely loyal, litrally,to the day that Hamlet died. Even after Hamlet died he continued to tell his story to the king. Horatio was a poor town’s boy who should have, in no way, ever have become friends with Hamlet. They did end up becoming the best of friends because Hamlet saw something in Horatio that he did not see in himself. Hamlet longed to be like Horatio, because Horatio was intelligent, and accepted the way that his life has been bestowed to him. Even though Horatio…show more content…
When Hamlet told him not to tell anyone about his father’s ghost, Horatio swore by Hamlet’s sword and did not tell a soul. When Hamlet was on the ship seized by the pirates he sent his letter to Horatio because he knew Horatio was the only one he could really trust. Hamlet trusted that Horatio would be loyal enough that he included him in planning the murder of his uncle without hesitation. Hamlet was so important to Horatio that when Hamlet was dying, Horatio wanted to drink from the poisoned cup so that he would die alongside his best friend. Horatio could not imagine living without Hamlet, so he was willing to sacrifice his life to die with him. Hamlet talked Horatio out of this rash idea by telling him that he had to live so that he could the king of Norway what had happened. Even after Hamlet died Horatio kept his promise to tell the king what had happened. He stayed loyal to his best friend after he was dead because he was the most loyal friend one could ever have and Hamlet knew that when he died. This is the reason that Hamlet knew he could trust Horatio with the task of telling his story after he was

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