What You Pawn I Will Redeem Analysis

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“What You Pawn I Will Redeem” I would like to thank author/writer Sherman Alexie for her wonderful talent in writing literature. By just reading the title it gives you the idea if someone pawns something who will redeem it? The main character in this story was a homeless Native American India who came to Seattle to go to college and quit after 2 Semesters. Jackson Jackson is a homeless man who’s addicted to drinking alcohol. In the book it clearly states that “I’m not going to tell you my particular reasons for being homeless” (Page 1). Alexie creates a story where a homeless man named Jackson was walking down the street and his eye captured his grandmothers dancing regalia in a pawn shop, he then asked the worker if he can reclaim his grandmother…show more content…
Understanding this story gave me an idea which ties Jackson story in today’s world, what I mean by that is for example, you see an homeless man standing on the streets with barley any clothes, his face is sweating from standing outside for so long kindly asking for money our 2015 society gave us the idea to think “ If I give this homeless man money he will than spend it on drugs and alcohol” but Jackson story is completely different, how rare do you see an homeless giving back when their struggling themselves. It took me a while to understand because I thought the homeless man was bad because he didn’t succeed in life but what Alexie does is makes the homeless man so humble and caring. I realized Jackson was very respectful, mindful and not selfish because even though his job is to earn money to buy the dancing regalia, he spends his money on his friends. I feel that this story was both sad and amusing by reason of “higher rank classes” with Lamborghinis and Ferraris pay no attention to homeless by cause of stinginess and penny- pinching, and those who do donate and hand out are respectful but then you have the YouTube world where people do it for fame and money, for society to know him as

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