What Role Did Humanism Play In Medieval Times

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In my essay I will be discussing what Humanism is and how it played a role in today society and medieval times. Humanism is a concept that has been around for millions of years now, being the study were many scholars argued did human life formed from experiences were new ideas came from during medieval times? During this era the Catholic argued that Humanism was only defined through God who made nature and this is what lead to human life. While Humanity anthropic believed human life develops during life changing experiences were they develop an understanding of autonomy which leads to human having logic and reasoning. Catholics believed otherwise of humanism, believing it was a movement that control the well-being of humanity, this movement…show more content…
Humanistic views focused on the differences of how humanity reacted to themselves while being studied on a philosophical level. Humanism was an interesting concept while being study on the philosophical level due to the fact it was not restricted to society, humanism focused on a cultural concept dealing with problems that mankind faced, relying on logic and reasoning humanism broadly is the study of issues with the human life…show more content…
Human cultures across time have wondered how to find the divine, how to know the divine, and how to please divine. Humanists reject this focus. Placing human beings firmly in the center of their worldview, (Manifesto III). Humanist who developed from Humanism are scholars in writing, poetry or music in Humanism, human feeling come first and they look at how they spend their time and make the most of it. Firmly believing Humanism main goal is to see what stops human from reaching their full potential, what promotes human thriving? All the question lead to the developed the theory of social rationalism, Humanism was popular during the renaissance area, with the concept of people being classified as rational beings certain individuals had earned respect. Humanism form due to classical culture and the study of humanities. With Humanism and humanities people perfected the study of poetry, history, music and ethnics. A humanist preferred to study these subjects in the original text preferred over the Latin text. As people progress more into the new millennium around this time more people were able to understand and have a better understanding of everyday life. One of the main reason humanism began to flourish was due to the rising of human

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