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While most Americans refer to some of the indigenous people of the Americas as ‘American Indian’ and ‘Native American’, these terms are far from justifying who these people are. Within the group of Native Americans, relies hundreds of tribes, each with their own distinct culture and background. The Passamaquoddy tribe is just one of many Native American tribes with its own rich history. For over 3,000 years the Passamaquoddy tribe has resided in present-day eastern Maine and parts of New Brunswick, Canada. However, in the early 17th Century, times had gotten extremely challenging for the Passamaquoddy tribe. When the Passamaquoddy first came in contact with the Europeans, the Europeans brought with them disease which resulted in three-quarters of the Passamaquoddy to die off. However, the Passamaquoddy continued to remain strong. Their location near lakes and the Atlantic Ocean allowed them to prevail at fishing and hunting in the water. Furthermore, the Passamaquoddy’s stuck to the mentality that as long as they could gather food and medicine, as well as hunt, trap, and fish, they would be alright. However, as some of the species they hunted became endangered and other supplies they used became limited the Passamaquoddy tribe was forced to adapt to the changes in…show more content…
In the 1960’s and 1970’s when the Federal Government took away the tribal lands of the Passamaquoddy, members turned to music to get them through their fight (which they won). Furthermore, music is used to explain the history of the tribe, maintain self-esteem, and educate the children. Music is involved at most rituals in the Passamaquoddy tribe, including monthly tribal suppers, birthdays, weddings, and reunions held in the summer months. The tribe also stresses the importance of teaching music in their schools. Since the early 1970’s, schools began teaching tribal songs and dances in hopes to continue the tribe’s

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