Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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What do you want to change about America? Many people don’t like how America is. If people could they would change certain parts of our country. Others love America and wouldn’t change a thing about it. My vision for America is legalizing marijuana, making the age of majority 16, and having more jobs available. First, my vision for America is legalizing marijuana. Marijuana would help America get out of debt. So many people would purchase the plant. Cannabis would be an even bigger money profit than it already is. The government should legalize marijuana use for non-legal purposes because it helps with lots of issues. Cannabis helps with panic attacks, seizures, slows down brain tumor growth, prevents cancer, and helps with various other serious issues. It also calms everyone down and keeps them in a happy state of mind. Marijuana is legal, for non-medical purposes, in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Hawaii. There are about 318.9 million people that live in the United States. About 19.8 million of those people smoke marijuana. The government should legalize it because it would help everyone. Also it’s a plant from nature. Are you…show more content…
I think the government should make it 16, instead of 18 but only if that person is very mature, can pay for their own bills, and buy their own antiquate food amount. They should completely cut being able to become emancipated and make the age of majority 16. Some people can make it well in the world on their own. Sometimes the people the teen is living with are holding them back from the career they want, a better future, and antiquate living. There has to be one catch to this though, since the teen would still be in high school, they can be a legal adult, but if they don’t finish out high school they are forced to go back and live with their parents/guardians until they complete high school. Changing the age of majority can help teens have a better future and

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