Justice In The Donnelly Family

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February 4th 1880 marks the tragic death of the Donnelly family when their barn was unfortunately burned down by an intrigued mob famously noting it as the blackest crime every committed in the Dominion” of Canada. Many argue that justice was not properly served in the death of the Donnelly family even though there was a numerous amount of evidence present. In a sense a form of intolerance of justice could be said to have taken place, primarily due to the religious aspect, the controversy involving land settlement and the morality and ethnicity of the Irish settling family. Through court documents and police reports forms of intolerance in regards to the religious faith the Donnelly’s practiced as well as conflicts that were in present with other town residents it is fair to state that evidence of the crime was adequate but the verdict lacked justice. Throughout…show more content…
Acquiring justice in the nineteenth century was a difficult task when very little evidence was presented, but in a case such as the Donnelly’s where evidence was clearly visible, how so could it be that justice was mistreated? Ontario in the nineteenth century was extremely divided by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and class which made it challenging for individuals with different religious aspects to be compatible with one another without the need for envy or conflict. The root of the conflict the Donnelly family faced is related to their Irish background and devotion to the catholic faith. In the nineteenth century “The Irish

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