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In the nineteenth century a man by the name of Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution. This was a new way of thinking that suggested humans evolved from other species, and they weren’t actually created by God. Since this controversial theory was introduced, there have been many arguments against it. Religion is evolution theory biggest opponent, but there are others out there who deny the theory of evolution is a proper scientific theory. Darwin’s theory of evolution does not fit the definition of Sir Karl Popper’s falsifiable because it is impossible to recreate the theory, therefore one cannot falsify the hypothesis. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a weak scientific theory. Sir Karl Popper was a Professor of Logic and Scientific…show more content…
It is not a falsifiable theory. The Earth has existed for billions of years, depending on one’s beliefs, so how can we observe the theory to figure out the survival of the fittest is falsifiable? There isn’t a way to prove the theory of evolution really happened. There weren’t any scientists around to observe the evolution process. Even if scientist wanted to study the theory today, it would take decades before they came close to collecting information to perform these experiments. Even when they gather the information to complete experiments, it would be hard to figure out what tests the data could be ran through to get a better understanding of the…show more content…
There are many opponents who are out to deny the theory. Those who believe in creationism are some who argue against the validity of the theory. Creationists frequently say that Darwin’s theory may be untestable, therefore it is unscientific. This is an astonishing claim, since creationists likewise say the evolution theory may be contrary to the second law of thermodynamics. If Darwin’s theory is contrary to the second law, then proof that confirms the second law might disconfirm the theory of evolution. By disconfirming the theory they have only verified it as testable (Hutcheson 1). This is only one example of how the theory is testable. The theory of evolution is one that can be considered a proper scientific theory based on testability alone. Scientists are able to test the theory by observing nature. They continue to perform experiments, in order to try and find a better understanding of how the evolution process works. Because they have a strong hypothesis, which meets every requirement for a strong theory, with the exception of falsifiability, there is no logical reason why it shouldn’t be considered a proper scientific

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