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Nordstrom: Customer Value and Satisfaction Real Marketing 1.1 case is about Nordstrom’s amazing customer service and always going the extra mile for their customers. I would like to mention that I do not know much about Nordstrom; I have never shopped there. But just from reading the different customer experience stories mentioned in this case I can see why Nordstrom is always on the Customer Service Hall of Fame list. The case mentions Nordstrom’s mantra: Take care of customers no matter what it takes, shows that customer service is deeply rooted in the company DNA. On page 12, objective 4 is about building customer relationships. I think this case best describes customer relationship management and the building blocks for customer value and satisfaction. Customer relationship management is the process of building and maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction. If a customer is satisfied with their service they are more likely to come and spend more with that company. I believe Nordstrom understands this concept very well. The best…show more content…
Customer-perceived value can be the deciding factor when the customer wants to make a purchase. Nordstrom is a store value their customers. They want to show their customers that they are valued not just their purchase. The case author mentions different occasions where Nordstrom employees went out of their to make the customer feel valued from an employee splitting a pair of shoes to fit a customer with different sized feet to the clerk who ironed a customer’s shirt who needed it for a meeting the same afternoon. The case author also mentions a customer story about the woman who said out loud that she could use a Dr. Pepper and out of nowhere an employee gave her an ice cold Dr. Pepper. With this type of customer service I too would shop at Nordstrom’s also if I

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