What Does The Pearl Symbolize In The Scarlet Letter

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“When he found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it”, this shows the significance and importance of a pearl. A merchant traveled great lengths, gave it all up to find a single pearl. That pearl was his treasure and all he ever needed. Furthermore, a young woman went through great lengths and gave it all up for a girl named Pearl. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne named her daughter Pearl to represent how she gave up everything for her. Hester gave up her good name and happiness for her Pearl but it was all worth it as she was her biggest blessing. “But she named the infant Pearl as a being of great price purchased with all she had”, Hester didn’t name her child Pearl because it’s a pretty name. In the bible, a merchant…show more content…
She was suffering from depression and thought about killing herself a couple of times. She was left all alone in the world to deal with the sin that she didn’t commit alone. Pearl was Hester’s constant reminder of her sin, the personification of her adultery. Although this may be true, Hester thinks back to the moment she was in love with Dimmesdale and tried to picture Pearl as a symbol of that. Most people commit a sin and it’s something that is left in the past. Hester woke up to her sin everyday and had no way of escaping it. With that being said, all of it was worth it as Pearl was her treasure and her happiness. Even though having Pearl was the cause of her suffering, she thought of her as a gift from her God. When Governor Bellingham threatened to take Pearl away from her, Hester said “God gave me the child.....she is my happiness--she is my torture, none the less! Pearl keeps me here in life.” In Spite of Pearl being the product of a sin, Hester still considered as a blessing, a gift from God. Without Pearl Hester would be nothing, Pearl is her living
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