Edward De Vere: Is Shakespeare The True Author?

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1.Introduction For a long time, it has been believed that Shakespeare is the author of all 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and 5 poems. But since the mid nineteenth century, the question has been asked, is Shakespeare the true author? Many people don’t believe that a commoner with a questionable education could write so many literary works. Edward De Vere seems like a better candidate as an author. Edward De Vere is most likely the true author of the plays, sonnets, and poems because there is no proof of Shakespeare writing anything, Edward De Vere’s life resembles the plays, and because William Shakespeare the author could have been confused with William Shakespeare the actor. 2. No Proof After looking through Shakespeare’s records and will, we…show more content…
The author vs. the actor 5. Stratfordian Acknowledgement From a Stratfordian position, you could say that William Shakespeare had to have written the works because some plays were produced after De Vere’s death. Although this is true, it is said that the plays were published in honor of the deceased author. Then nine years later when Oxford’s widow died, 14 more plays were produced again in honor of the author. Although many plays were produced after De Vere’s death, all scholars agree that the works were all complete before his death in 1604. The works themselves prove that the author must have had an excellent education. According to records, there isn’t even proof that Shakespeare went to school. Edward De Vere attended Queen’s college and Cambridge in his later life and received honorary degrees from both cambridge and Oxford universities. De Vere has records of his education whereas Shakespeare does not. 6. Conclusion In conclusion, Edward De Vere, although not thought to be the author until after his death, fits the role of the author best. His life resembles the works so much that it is almost like an autobiography. There is more proof that Edward De Vere wrote them than there is Shakespeare. The low-born actor was probably thought to be the author because of the performances of the plays that he might have done at the Globe theater instead of the true author himself. Edward De Vere, after all these years, should be credited for his plays, sonnets, and

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