Westerbork Transit Camp

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Westerbork was a transit camp where Nazi prisoners were sent to different camps and loss their loved ones.Westerbork was a transit camp.Germans took over the camp in 1942.Westerbork served as a transit camp in 1942-1944.The first train arrived in July 14,1942.During the time in westerbork 103,000 Jews were transferred.During the holocaust, Westerbork was the main transit camp.Westerbork was located near Assen,in northern eastern Holland. Westerbork transit camp was used to send different Jews to the concentration camp where they were assigned either to a work camp or labor camp.From 1942-to 1944,Westerbork served as a transit camp for Dutch Jews before they sent to extermination camps.During July 14th, 1942, all the Jews were…show more content…
Westerbork was transit camp which meant they never killed Jews and that was a good thing.Westerbork was a transit camp they even had a school for orphans.Westerbork helped many Jews who enters the Netherlands illegally because of the nazi persecution.The deportation of the first Jew was sent to auschwitz-birkenau.Westerbork wasn't that really that bad of the camp because it helped people to hide from the nazi persecution. Westerbork wasn't like the other camps, people went in there for hiding from the Germans.Westerbork wasn't like the other camps, people went in there for hiding from the Germans.In early April 1945 allied troops approached the camp and liberated 867 by the Canadians.Westerbork was liberated on April 12, 1942.In the end people did no loger have to be sent to killing

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