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“Looking back at Calvin and Hobbes now, I would, without hyperbole or doubt, say that Bill Watterson is the most brilliant pop artist of the late twentieth century. Like the masters of cartooning, humor and social commentary who came before him, Watterson stood on the shoulders of giants before becoming one himself” (Martell 4). Martell’s quote brilliantly describes the impact that Watterson had on the comics industry. Watterson evolved from the likes of Charles Shultz and Walt Kelly and went from your everyday artist to a revolutionary inspiration. He has inspired nearly every modern comic artist since his rise to fame. What’s incredible is that even his characters have had long lasting effects on their readers. Who knew that a black and white six year old could become as memorable as the theologian he was named after, or that a cartoon tiger could be as thought provoking as the philosopher whom gave him his name. And they certainly lived up to these names. Watterson fell into the darkness from the public eye. Today, there are less than a dozen known photographs of him. He has never…show more content…
He has become an essential part of comic history. He stood on the shoulders of giants before him, dedicated himself to his work, and became a giant himself. His firm stance against licensing only reiterates this dedication. He wanted what was best for not just his comic, but for comics as an industry. He longed for the Golden Age of comics from yesteryear, and then created another himself. Today, there is only one single officially licensed product released (Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes; a textbook for children with disabilities). His art style and dialogues not only inspire readers to think, but also gave him a platform to express his deepest views and ideals. His messages were earnest and sincere. He brought back the wonder of childhood. So get out there, and go

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