Comparing Mental Illness In The Tell-Tale Heart And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper Both provide an insight into both different mental illness in not only just one gender but both male and female and how the narrators brought the reader inside their mind to understand what they were feeling and suffering from. Both stories, share the same gothic theme and similar structure in writing in first person. Although the stories differ in their use of how the character had dealt with their situation and how the minor characters in the story acted towards them. A similarity in the both of the stories is the setting. Both stories, share a gothic atmosphere set in around the same time in nineteenth with both of the narrators portraying the main character. Both stories have a Gothic theme and things that make the story gothic is that it is dark or spooky and that the madness of the characters adds to the gothic vibe. In The Yellow Wallpaper and The Tell-Tale Heart both houses are describe as spooky. Remarks of the vulture eye and the woman trapped in the wall make the stories gothic but also quite disturbing. In The Yellow Wallpaper the woman sees the yellow wallpaper in the room as evil and is a disturbing presence to be around, so because the…show more content…
Both stories are different in the way of how the other characters act towards the main characters. In The tell-Tale Heart, the narrator is able to socialize with not just the old man but the police when they come and talk to him, even though he had horrible social skills whilst in The Yellow Wallpaper, the woman was not allowed to socialize with anyone in the house other than her husband, who even then did not speak to her much, even though her social skills were perfectly fine and when he did speak to her their conversations were very childish and not a real adult conversation, which is what the woman

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