Consuming Kids The Commercialization Of Children Essay

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The film “Consuming Kids, the commercialization of childhood” shows us the ways the millionaire-marketing machine sells children and their parents everything from junk food to violent video games and useless television shows. It demonstrates how these types of toys often make children aggressive and fussy. For example, one of the authors, Jeremy Earp, explains how the movie 'Star Wars’ promotes and advertises lightsabers' and weapon toys as attractive for children. In the ‘Consuming Kids’ film, we can see that it has been scientifically proven that television for children, and advertising toys are not an intellectual help for kids. Currently, parents are feeling forced into buying all these products and letting their children watch famous children’s shows because they feel that if their children do not have it or see it, they would be behind the…show more content…
Young and Alex Peterson, the authors of this film, brought up notable ways of recent marketing manipulation in children; television cartoon shows, and Internet are now a detrimental and very easy way to get to the children. Most kids are receiving tablets and phones as Christmas and birthday presents. They begin to use these things at a very young age. Through the technology that is advertising all over the internet, where there are many commercials about selling clothes with movies' characters and colorful characters sugar cereals, school accessories all about cartoons, animated online games and commercials about aggressive toys that incentive children to wish it. There are many cases where children begin yelling, crying and getting aggressive because they want to have a certain toy or a sweet cereal desperately. Is the market looking to make children anxious and aggressive, and attack their parents just for the wish of having a new cartoon’s toy or cereal? The author of the film encourages us to analyze it deeply and take conscience about our children’s mental and behavioral

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